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The Purpose for Our Passion

NuYou Hair Removal Solutions offers Electrolysis services to remove unwanted hair. 


The FDA designates Electrolysis as the only hair removal method that produces permanent results.  It differs from plucking, shaving, waxing, threading, and depilatory creams because those methods provide temporary results.  Electrolysis differs from laser and IPL in a few important ways: those light-related methods (laser and IPL) provide hair reduction, not permanent removal, and they are not as effective on coarse hair, light, white or grey hair, or dark skin.  


When performed by a certified professional, Electrolysis is safe and effective on all hair types and colors, as well as all skin types and complexions.  Electrologists insert a hair-sized probe into each follicle to deliver a small amount of electrical current to the cells responsible for hair growth. The hair is then removed from the follicle using very small forceps.  


Because hair grows in cyclical phases, Electrolysis must be repeated according to a scheduled plan in order to effectively treat the unwanted hair and achieve permanent results.  Electrolysis is complete when the follicles in the target area no longer grow hair.  This can take an average of up to 2 years (sometimes less, sometimes more).  The length of the Electrolysis Treatment Plan varies from person to person and depends on many factors that are discussed during an initial consultation and readressed along the hair removal journey.


Electrolysis can be used successfully to permanently remove unwanted hair from any external location on the body!   

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Who We Are

Expect Something Special!

At NuYou Hair Removal Solutions, we believe that our clients and their individual needs come first.  We also believe that health and safety should never be compromised.  NuYou's professional approach employs certified safe techniques and tested solutions to ensure that hair removal is effective and comfortable.


Each NuYou client is unique, so "one size fits all" is never our answer.  We get to know our clients.  Then, together, we determine a plan that will address their specific hair removal goals.


If you want to hear more about what sets NuYou apart, Contact Us today!

Our Clients

Electrolysis Is For Everyone, Everywhere!

At NuYou Hair Removal Solutions we treat all skin and hair types.  We are proud that our client base represents a broad spectrum of ages, races, ethnicities, and genders. 


Our clients seek our services for many reasons: a few unwanted stubborn hairs on the face or body, tired of temporary methods like waxing and shaving, excessive hereditary or hormonal hair, PCOS, Pseudo Folliculitis Barbae, Gender Affirming hair removal, Surgery Prep, and many more!  


At NuYou, anyone and everyone who wants or needs hair removal is welcome.  

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Let's Hear It For The Boys!

From mansacping, thinning out, to complete removal, NuYou assists men with unwanted hair in all areas.   

"all"  means ALL

Electrolysis Works!

Electrolysis is an important service for Transgender clients.  NuYou is dedicated to continuing education that allows us to better serve the LGBTQ community; we have a track record of success in this area.  We are happy to meet ALL the hair removal needs of ALL our clients. 

Our Equipment

Industry Excellence

NuYou Hair Removal Solutions uses the

state-of-the-art, Apilus Excell electro-epilator with Synchro, by Dectro for all electrolysis treatments.  

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